Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Mark Dean's MADHOUSE Cartoons

ROC contributor Mark Dean is published in many places in print and online, including at the popular Mark Levin Fan and Death by 1000 Papercuts websites.

Please visit MADHOUSE by Mark Dean
 [images used with permission]
Mark is also the artist behind the popular playing card deck at HandsOffLiberty.com


The Deck of Royal Fools TM is the first installment by renowned political cartoonist Mark Dean,

Author of The Popular Strip,
Mark Dean has captured the essence of the personality behind the caricature in a hilarious manner.
Each of the playing cards in The Deck of Royal Fools TM is an original work of art.

When we needed someone with awesome artistic ability, with experience at poking fun at people through caricature, Mark Dean was our natural choice!

Here are a couple of his most recent "toons."-

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