Friday, February 11, 2011

The Obama Makeovers

Obama Makeovers

ROC Editorial 2-11-2011

Perpetuating a stagnant economy, and plowing out a subterranean cavern by excavating and then discarding (shoveling) trillions of rocks, formerly known as "US dollars," while creating an historic debt shouldn't tarnish an idol's grand image, and it certainly shouldn't derail ones high speed railroad of destiny! While it may be true that there are now a "few" less independents that are willing to bank on the "change" they once hoped for and expected, there is always those renewable and green resources out there for exploiting... aka "the young people!" So what if a few have disembarked from the Obama Express! The show must go on, as always, and Act II has only just begun!
Now that the president has firmly established that he is indeed way too comfortable as a Washington insider that believes in nationalizing his government to direct your life, and secure his power, lecturing everyone from CEO's to everyday working Americans, and now that he has demonstrated by his actions, that there are no limits in his world of redistribution of taxpayers funds to reward the benefactors of his choosing, he must offer even more... change.  After all, he has always promised "change."  He may have gotten his brethren in Congress slaughtered in the last election, due to their faithfulness to his failed policies, but, "hey," he is still standing, and isn't that what's really important here?
The media will provide most of the cover for the terrible job economically, and the very deep financial hole he furiously directed to be dug, but he is savvy enough to realize the old campaign against doing things differently in D.C. is just not going to be holding as much water.  "The Chosen One" may not know much about running a country successfully, but he sure knows when a political makeover is overdue. No use trying to reverse the Nile, when it's really a matter of the right sail for the winds to navigate those waters.  The "Honest Abe" Lincoln masquerade really didn't fit as well as hoped, and since growing a beard is really out of the question, especially with half the electorate somewhat unsure if he might really be a Muslim hiding the fact. There are some limits to the Islam outreach policy after all.
Pretending to be a great president is the next best thing to actually being one.  How can mediocre, at best, be polished up to look valuable again? Maybe having Oprah on speed dial could help? Oprah knows makeovers! When one is going about reinventing one's routine, it is helpful to make a wardrobe change too. Consequently, the American people were treated to the new Barack trying on the Ronald Reagan cowboy hat and boots for the last month.  This had an unintended consequence for the fawning audience that usually applauds for his brilliant performances, and all the other lackluster performances as well. They started booing from all sides... left, right, and center. The leftists in particular didn't seem to like this comparison much.  Their man, acting like one of the worse villains the Left universally hated!  Not Reagan, the great oppressor to the Welfare State! Of course thinking people just laughed at how ridiculous it all looked.
Enter the JFK suit, and the new capitalist... Mr. Obama, America's latest rising business CEO!
Wink, wink, nod, wink!
A quick speech (lecturing held to minimum) to the U.S. Chamber of Commerce (temporarily suspend free enterprise demon talk), and some stand-alone, "unbiased" consensus conclusions (agreed upon in advance) by the old media, and... PRESTO! This JFK suit seems to fit better, because the knowledge gap is harder to bridge, and the smoke and mirror perceptions will be easier to maintain.  John F. Kennedy was a Democrat with a (D) after all.  He inspired his nation to unite behind great causes, and like Obama was ready to spend the country into oblivion....but wait, that isn't quite true.
When JFK faced the economic realities present in the American economic engine (that never was unbolted or thrown overboard) he called for reducing expenditures, and making real, prolonged, top to bottom tax rate cuts, so as to allow Americans to regenerate growth and prosperity again.  Of course it worked.  The fact is, as president JFK acted just like a fiscal conservative would have!  The "new JFK" counts on many not knowing this trivial and most inconvenient fact.
So, now, wink, nod, the "new" Obama of Camelot will soon be turning to capitalism for his reelection hope salvation (whispers to Left, "Don't worry, head fake").

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