Friday, March 4, 2011

Introducing the Traditional American Movement

Talented people are contributing to the effort to construct a grassroots website with numerous tools not found elsewhere, to help others in the fight to save the American way of life from those who wish to fundamentally change us into a much different society... where they rule us all.

The site is geared to the idea that we can find common ground in our various organizations, groups, and as individuals to achieve more if we work together.

Tom, a TradAm member, just recently finished making this new video for the patriots who are members at the  We really enjoyed it, and hope you do as well.


  1. Great video and great website with important mission!

  2. Thanks for posting our video here ! We want all groups to see us as a box of tools available for their use. We must all talk together and strengthen every group in this wonderful American movement the the media is calling the "Tea Parties".

    The Tea Party groups are the largest fraction and we are all Tea Partiers but the movement includes everyone who feels the same mission to save OUR Nation. Let's talk and plan !

  3. Tom And Lyn

    Thanks Guys This is Tom And Lyn, Tanks for all your help!!!! With all of us working together we will get our country turned back around and headed back in the right direction !!!!

  4. Great video for us. Thanks Tom.

    Thanks for putting this here Bro!

    And thanks to the Cactus Cuties for the best rendition of the National Anthem I have ever heard!