Friday, March 11, 2011

The Power of Pop

ROC friend~Big Dawg Music Mafia

Mario Borgatti creates these awesome graphic images for Big Dawg Music Mafia
This week we check in with our conservative cultural warrior friends at
Everyone that is in this fight for our country will find something to enjoy here. The artists here are fighting with us, and doing so one song at a time.
Lisa Mei Norton who co-founded the website with her music partner, "Big Dawg," wrote in a recent article for Big Hollywood, describing the purpose behind Big Dawg Music Mafia while speaking at CPAC:
I explained how, in the past two years, having written and performed several original political/protest songs for local, state and national conservative events, I had met many great, conservative, grassroots artists doing the same exact thing, traveling around the country on their own dime to share their conservative messages through their music, books, comedy, etc.
We believe the TEA Party movement underestimates the power pop culture has on influencing the hearts and minds of folks who don’t normally engage in political debate.  The left uses this very successfully to promote their agenda.  Why shouldn’t we?
ROC is more than happy to spread the word about this site, and encourages others to join them in this important effort, or even just to enjoy the talent on display and help spread the word too.

From Toots Sweet's tribute to the WWII veteran who inspired him in "Soldier Boy," to Coleen Gray's relaxing and beautiful "Rain," to the collaboration of several artists for the music video "I Will Not Submit," Chris Ross's "Liberty," or Lisa's own tribute to her special "Lighthouse In the Storm," and multitudes of others, you will surely find something inspirational and informative. Besides great music, you will find conservative blogs, chats, and other creative activities like conservatives breaking through in Hollywood with a people funded movie, and Kansas City talk radio personality Darla Jaye's radio show.

Lisa also tells us "We will have a booth and a bunch of our members performing at the National TEA Party Convention in Memphis next well as Freedom Jamboree 2011 in Kansas City in October." So anyone planning on attending these events, please stop by and say "hello" to Big Dawg Music Mafia!

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