Thursday, December 2, 2010

The Erasure of Christmas

Task. Watch any major sponsor of television advertisements. They want your money for their product or service.  You will see a carefully crafted "Christmas" atmosphere with traditional symbols in these commercials but will be missing is any mention of the word Christmas.  Holiday season or something to that effect will be used instead. The symbols used will more than likely be non religious.
The new PC compliance for one of Christians most important holiday celebrations is now treated as unmentionable. Hanukkah likewise cannot be mentioned. 

Maybe the word "holiday" should be pronounced as Holy day as a way of objecting to this censuring of Christmas?

We are a Judeo-Christian nation.  "Political correctness" threatens to squash our heritage, traditions,  and culture.

It is almost time to buy a tree, a Christmas tree.  I will not be shopping for one called a "holiday tree."

New Years is just around the corner too.  I have one resolution on my list for sure.  I resolve to object and not participate in the insidious game of being "politically correct." Christmas is, and has been, celebrated around the world for quite a long time and cannot just be erased.  I like being an American, and I like our traditions.

Especially Christmas!

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