Tuesday, December 14, 2010

The Governor's Role

 Article republished  for comments from the Dec 10th Issue of ROC Newsletter

The Governor's Role
By: Claudia Roazen

As their state's Chief Executives, our Governors have a vital role to play in protecting the rights of their citizens and looking out for their State's interests first and foremost.
Like the namesake governing device installed on engines that prevents them from self-destructing due to excessive conditions, our Governors also need to put the survival of their states sovereignty first.

The Federal government has been abusing our States by imposing unfunded mandates, massive regulations, and using extortion to make Governors comply with Federal laws. In the  1970's the release of Highway Grant monies to the States was conditional on implementing the 55 mph speed limit on all state highways, and was President Jimmy Carter’s means to force compliance by the States while giving the appearance of not stepping on their rights.

The Federal government has been bullying our States in this manner for years, but where are the Governors or the governors to keep the external power input under control?

Governors are in the front lines. More of them need to both put their State affairs in order, and push back against an imposing federal centralization of America’s United States!

The Cato Institute recently graded the Governors  based on  both taxes and spending.
Reviewing the report one is struck by the low numbers of Governors receiving the top grade of "A," as well as the greater number at the bottom of the list who are receiving the "F" or failing grade and basically being accomplices to the Federal control takeover.  Since factors such as being stymied by their state legislators are included in this report, we have a very good gauge on their actual efforts to control spending and/or allowing federal interference with the state's business.


State Governors must be fiscally responsible and set an example to Washington, D.C. to do the same. States need to stand up to federal mandates such as the Healthcare Bill and join forces to sue the Federal government on Constitutional grounds.  States must resist taking grants and other federal monies that come with strings attached. States must protect their citizens as Maine’s Governor Independent Angus King (1995-2003) did when the EPA forced States to use MTBE.  That gasoline additive poisoned ground water wells in the state.

"Maine was the first governmental body that raised concerns about MTBE," said Richard Wiles, senior vice president of Environmental Working Group. "Maine was out front on this. They were the catalyst."


Americans want our Governors to be strong advocates for the rights of the people.  We want our Governors to stand up to government agencies like the EPA.

Maine’s Governor King was not worried by the lawsuit threat from the EPA for not complying with a destructive regulation  instituted to clean the air, while poisoning people’s drinking water!

King was the governor for Maine's people, not the lackey for the Federal government and its convoluted laws and regulations that too often "throw the baby out with the bathwater" under the guise of solving America’s problems.

Governors should have their allegiance to the people of their State, first and foremost, while wary of Washington's plans for them.

The Tea Party Movement  understands that to fight Washington spending, their power grabbing and the dismantling of our Constitutional Republic, we will need our State Houses and State Governors to stand up to them.

There will be 36 new Governors after November 2, 2010 and we should hope they do better on their report cards than some of their predecessors.

America’s State Governors can be the "governor" too for the out-of-control power of the Federal Government. They need to put the brakes on Washington’s spending, reckless crashing of America’s economy, endless power grabbing from the individual rights of the people and the complete ignorance of the enumerated stop signs defined in the Constitution.

We cannot return States Rights’ without Governors willing to fight for them.

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