Friday, December 17, 2010

ROC Op/Ed: The "Comprehensive" Citizen

The "Comprehensive" Citizen
[republished from ROC Newsletter Issue #14]

As 2010 winds down we can look forward to the future with a tad more optimism than we did last year at this time. After all, within days of the start of the new year, we can say "goodbye and good riddance" to the 111th Congress!  Along with them, we need to ditch even a hint of our cooperation on anything the Washington elite try to sell with the word "comprehensive."

First of all, it should be very apparent by now,  D.C. elitists live in their own isolated world.  Everyone they know is just like them. They do not know the typical American, they do not understand the typical American, and no way in hell are they going to ever listen to millions of us, unless of course that we agree with their comprehensive plans to destroy American independence and liberty. Should we feebly waste our time contemplating any opposing opinion, say from popular conservative radio personalities, we might be subjected to a presidential scolding usually reserved for errant children!

Remember how they have lectured us over and over again on how they have collected the brightest minds and best experts in order to work out all those complex problems that no ordinary Joe or Jane could possibly figure out. They just need some time to overcome the mess they inherited.  Or, if the stubborn, bitter "gun and bible clingers" were actually capable of following what they are doing we would be... "thanking them."

If you have any doubts about their attitude toward the American people just take a look at what they are doing in the "lame duck" session. Without much evidence of even an iota of shame nor humility, they are using our houses to defy the message we sent them in November, and will continue their irresponsible, huge government onslaught.

If we only understood... that it is "for our own good."

In order to accept their premise that we all have mashed potato brains compared to them, the almighty ruling class, one needs to really hate facts and common sense.  Unfortunately too many of our fellow citizens, and others, prefer hollow promises by these omnipotent figures, and are all too willing to ignore facts.  Knowing this, and exploiting it, is what the liberals and their media are all about.

If the left and the "aisle-crossers" on the right were actually about solving problems and truly caring for people we would see real corrective solutions, not perpetually growing programs. Funny how the main problems persist despite the trillions spent, and wasted. Where are the successes?

So, "stupidly," we cannot understand that they could not possibly solve anything if they were restricted to tackling items individually.  Even though adages like "first things first," or "one step at a time" have real results in the real world, in their intellectually elite, and superior world... this just won't do.

Enough already.

Yes we can, secure the border first.
Yes we can, fix the problem for the small percentage with healthcare  insurance problems without blowing up our entire system with unconstitutional mandates and socialism groundwork. Most of us didn't ask for help in running our lives or ask for government promises.  Most of us wish our elected and appointed to only do what the Constitution allows them to do, and not everything else they have decided to do.

As comprehending citizens, we know it does not take a NASA propulsion engineer to figure out that every time the government undertakes "comprehensive reform" of anything, the bottom will eventually fall out of it. And when it does, as in the case of the housing market, what we own or value will fall along with it. But we are too dumb to understand?

In fact, as the Tea Party movement has shown, us "know-nothings," have a rather comprehensive shared view: Almost all of what needs to be fixed in our country can be directly attributed to the previous meddling actions of our rapidly expanding, overreaching government. So we said collectively;
"Just stop."

America has always been 'the land of opportunity' because government did not impede our progress, and we have been the most productive society ever as a result.  We have always been a culture of "can do and will do" people.  The only thing that stands in our way of continuing this legacy is a comprehensive collection of dense ideologues concentrated as a central authority while arrogantly clinging to their demonstratively failed policies of Keynesian economics and   Utopian philosophies that historically result in mass misery.

The Howard Dean's, the John Kerry's, and the Barack Obama's may think the American citizen is unsophisticated and ignorant, but we know failure when we see it.  Americans are not working, our economy is not recovering, our debts and deficit is growing, spending is out of control, inflation is looming, our natural resources are being locked out, and our government is orchestrating it all. Not to mention the external threats to our existence are not being dealt with in any coherent manner.

We can still be optimistic though, we have our own brand of comprehensive reform in progress for Washington.  November of 2010 was only phase one by the comprehensive citizen. November 2012 is just around the corner. In the meantime, let's get to work on some comprehensive repealing on some massively bad, not so intelligent, big government ideas.

It is Christmas.  A time that traditionally, Americans recognize the true source of wisdom and guidance. A time of giving. A time for man's humility. The experts in Washington can give Americans a gift.  They can end their comprehensive, lame duck defiance of the people, and head home for the holidays. We would like that.

Happy New Year!

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