Friday, December 3, 2010

Fumigate All the Rooms

Fumigate All the Rooms
By Claudia Roazen
Originally published in Dec. 3, 2010 Issue of the Righting Our Consent Newsletter

The Tea Party Movement is trying to end corruption of Washington and state politics however there is an engine to that corruption: money. Beyond the billionaire Soros funding the radicals on the left there are many big corporations backing abhorrent legislation such as the Healthcare Bill and Cap and Trade.

Lobbyists are flying under the radar of scrutiny from the American public. Exposing these companies and their support of the socialist agenda of Nancy Pelosi and Barack Obama is necessary to stem infestation.

The American public is awaking to the reality that one must “follow the money.”  Earmarks failed to pass through the lame duck sessions because people see and understand this represents money for Senators and Representatives to bribe for votes back home.

The major network news channels have been losing viewership for years as the public suspected bias, but now fully understands their liberal turpitude. More and more Americans are turning to the true free market of information and investigative journalism found on the internet. Many entrepreneurial, non-university indoctrinated journalists are breaking hard news stories such as the ACORN scandal to the shame of so-called professional journalists.

Americans across the country are choosing to home-school their children rather than throw them to the liberal dominated, union-backed world of public propaganda education. Parents have cause for real fear regarding the crushing of their children’s naivety when an innocent hug by a five year old boy to a female classmate causes adult educators to react by calling it “sexual harassment.” Yet this is the lunacy of the “zero tolerance” of public school policy.

Those Wall Street companies like AIG and Goldman Sachs that received TARP (Troubled Asset Relief) money along with the bailout of those such as General Motors are in disfavor with the American public. They are rightfully resented especially by those who have lost their jobs, their homes, and their nest eggs to the financial meltdown while those responsible continue to profit.

The list of corporations and unions receiving a waiver to the Healthcare Bill mandates represents the insidious nature of special interest privilege and payback for lobbyists. Americans are not shocked or surprised that unions are exempted from the Healthcare Bill that they push for and supported because it reflects the long standing cynicism Americans have about lobbyists. Where there is filth, there are many parasites, and they are nesting in all the rooms.

For those who have ever had their home invaded by pests, one knows that just stepping on the visible brazen insects caught in the spotlight (Charlie Rangel) does not cure the infestation. There may be many points of entry, and more than one nest hidden deep within the walls where your spray can’t reach. Moreover, even given the fact that insects and vermin do not have much of a brain, they still manage to outmaneuver their intelligent human adversary by explosive breeding and migration.

Washington political corruption is just as insidious and widespread as a home overrun by disease carrying creatures. They slip through the cracks undetected whenever they please, no matter what laws are passed to diminish their invasion into our “house of the people.”

Therefore, the Tea Party Movement rightfully has turned to exposing with bright lights the debauchery of corporations such as General Electric and Johnson & Johnson. These corporate political players backed the Healthcare Bill and Cap and trade. They are bugs in the wall, that reproduce in safety, insulated from the insecticide sprayed on the outside wall.

Corporations play the game of supporting legislation while gaining both exemptions from it and economic advantage over their competitors who must abide by it. They grease both political parties knowing that regardless of who holds power they will have the purse strings of influence.

Americans know that wholesale consumer boycotts do not work. They also know that listing the myriads of corporations and businesses that play the debased political pocket stuffing game is vast, and would dizzy consumers. That is why the Tea Party Movement is acting like an intelligent homeowner with a bug problem. Tent the whole house, and fumigate all the rooms.

General Electric and Johnson & Johnson might be trapped in the tented home but all those corporate critters outside will now scurry away. The treated home becomes a trap, not a haven. The polls reflect a negative view of General Motors, General Electric, and Johnson & Johnson. When consumers have a choice between products, and they view a company with negativity, they do not purchase from that company.

Can ordinary Americans still influence politics? Yes, I think the 2010 election results proved that to be true. Can Americans influence the lobbyist game in Washington? Yes, we are committed to restoring our constitutional foundation. Yes, we must rid the “people’s house” of these unwelcome invaders- board by infested board. All the putrid stink of political avarice must be disinfected to insure a sanitized “home of the brave.”

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